Money Purse-2 | శ్రమ లేని ఆదాయం | Srama Leni Aaadaayam | Part-2 | Vanga Rajendra Prasad | IsmartInfo

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Hope this summary video will help you to understand the essence of the book. But please remember, this summary video may not be the alternate to reading entire book. We recommend you to read the complete book to understand author’s view.

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Video is made for educational purpose only. What we have discussed  this video  purely from our understanding of the book. After reading entire book, we have presented this summary from our perspective. We recommend you to read the book for complete understanding. Please do your own research before following any advice as we does not take any responsibility for reliability or accuracy of information. We disclaim any kind of claim or suit of any sort. The Data shown in the video is just for reference may not be actual. 

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